5 Foods You must Try in Malang

Malang is a city located in East Java precisely 90 kilometers south of Surabaya. The city is widely known because of Indonesia Society city temperatures cool and beautiful. In addition it is well known also as the city of apples and flowers are indeed many cities grow the lowliest stone town of Malang. So many sights can be seen in this city for you, indeed hobby streets. Not only can you sights of exploration here, the ruling also obliged to sample a range of cuisine was unfortunate. Well here it is mandatory that you sample the food and do not get passed.

5 Foods You must Try in Malang
5 Foods You must Try in Malang


Indeed for most people outside the city of Malang will feel strange and confused as to what food orem-orem. Orem-orem is a typical Poor may look like curry sauce or vegetable lodeh yellow appearance due to the thick and creamy, but it has a taste that much different from the curry sauce or vegetable sayur lodeh. Orem-orem has a flavor that is slightly sweet and savory flavors because many mixed with condensed chicken broth gravy. This meal is usually served with ketupat, tempe diced small, and salted egg is put on top of it. Yummy!

The Unfortunate Meatballs

For the community in Indonesia would not be familiar to hear the name of the hapless Meatballs. Almost every kerb dikota-kota around us many sell food on this one. Popular enough, huh? But when you are in transit to the unfortunate, do not forget to try the food on this one. The rates are cheap enough you can feel the sensation of enjoying food this one in his hometown. The unique thing is, when you want to eat meatballs in Malang, you are welcome to the seller to take meatballs you myself in accordance with seleramu. But remember, don't forget to pay, Yes!

Angsle Malang

If the last is already discussing the savory food in the city of Malang, sugary foods were not to be outdone. Poor Angsle is a dish not to be when you leave again in Malang. Similar to a Compote or long, angsle served with savory coconut milk which has a lot of content in it like the porridge Pearl, green beans, fresh bread. This dish was very fitting when presented at a time when warm and eaten on a cold night.

Ketan Malang

Delicacy is quite well known in the area of Batu, Malang. Glutinous, chewy texture and savory taste is sold with a variety of toppings and flavors. Like for example with a chocolate topping meses, cheese, and durian. This snack is perfect eaten in the evening while enjoying the ambiance of the chill of stone town and accompanied by a cup of hot milk.

Es Durian Dempo

For you lovers of durian never miss no pleasure of freshness and peerless of Durian Ice Dempo. This place have been standing for a long time and still give a sense of the remarkable for its durian lovers. The ice is presented with the original durian fruit mixed with shaved ice, syrup, sweetened condensed milk and jackfruit fruits a little extra on it.

Unfortunate indeed proved to be a privileged town. In addition to the many attractions, the unfortunate will also pamper your tongue as long as you stop over here. In addition, the price is also very cheap. Enjoy, ShopBackers!

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