5 Indonesia Food which is famous in the world with a Unique Flavour

Indonesia has a wealth of cultural, culinary, and tourism. Therefore not be separated culinary tour of everyday human life. For travelers from abroad as well as domestic tourists are definitely in need of food. Indonesia has a range of food specialties from every region, even known in the world. Want to know the typical foods Indonesia which is famous all over the world? See the explanation below.

5 Indonesia Food which is famous in the world with a Unique Flavour
5 Indonesia Food which is famous in the world with a Unique Flavour

1. Tempe

Food made from soy beans was known by the world community because of the culinary festival entry in Jakarta in December 2012, and was introduced by a chef named Eduard Quad.  However, before this tempe also introduced by Indonesia named Rustono to Japan, so you can enjoy the tempe when travelling to other countries.

In one of the countries on the European continent that is London also can already enjoyed by the foreign tourists as well as local tourists, tempe has attracted the attention of people in the world. In London there are Stalls located in Tempeh streetfood. Tempe is indeed becoming a food that can be processed into many different types of them, tempe orek, tempe mendoan and many others. Tempe in addition to being in Japan and London, can be found in various countries, namely Australia, America and Saudi Arabia.

2. Beef Rendang

Rendang is typical of West Sumatra is already known by the world in Jogja. Rendang is made with a spicy coconut and coconut milk are equipped in the process of processing long enough, plus the seasoning spices, then cooked with fire that is not too big as well as diputar-putar continued when cooked until the meat is tender.

In January 2011, rendang is included in the food that we are number one in a list of the Worlds 50 Most Delicious Food by the survey conducted by CNN.  Rendang is already known in Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, and Australia. In the event 60 years of friendship Indonesia – Germany, favorite foods include beef rendang.

3. Fried Rice

This fried rice since the pageant World Exposé Shanghai, China in November 2010, the food being fried rice now. Fried rice has become the most delicious food and liked by the American President to 44, Barack Obama, his favorite food is included.  Fried rice is easy to be found wherever you are, at five feet or on the premises has been serving this food. Fried Rice became an icon of Indonesia, but also one of typical foods Indonesia.

Fried rice ranked number two, after the number one occupied by the rendang in a list of 50 of the World's Most Delicious Food. Not only that, based on a poll on the internet, CNN International would likewise hold a poll about the poll, Indonesia's food was followed by the 35,000 people, any fried rice was elected the most delicious food.

4. Gado-Gado

Gado gado – when the pageant race level of International culinary specialties on the category of aesthetics in Naples, Italy in the year 2010. Gado-gado winning i.e. one champion. This is a community pride for Indonesia, especially it is a hodgepodge of typical food.

So the food is already very well known in Jakarta. While the anniversary Jakarta, the food did not escape to be present at the event. Gado-gado is a simple meal to make, these foods like salad that can be served with extra peanuts, mashed already so that adds to the flavour of the food to eaten.

5. Gudeg

Gudeg is a special food of Yogyakarta is already very well known all over Indonesia, so food is not only sold in the stalls, in the premises is also already on sale. Gudeg is divided into three kinds, namely the dry gudeg, gudeg wet gudeg, and solo. These foods can also be found when the tourists from abroad and domestic are visiting Australia.

Gudeg is already present in the area of Clayton Road, Melbourne, Australia. If you are Miss Indonesia for students or workers from the citizens of Indonesia would like to erase the longing would be Indonesia, can taste these foods in Clayton Road. Now there are already any gudeg which sells canned in form and in the export to several countries in the world including to the Netherlands, the Middle East and some countries in Europe.

Proven right if the flavour of food specialties Indonesia also enjoyed by people in several countries. So the more proud right same food Indonesia. If you prefer food which Indonesia ya ShopBackers? Yuk, direct comments below!

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