Indonesia archipelago country with cultural variety, save natural resources and the beauty of the wonderful tour and already a worldwide. But not only that, Indonesia also has recipes and types of food that are very famous in the world. The abundant spice diversity in Indonesia make the foods in Indonesia is rich in spices that create a very seductive flavours.


Some people may not realize it, even Indonesia still choose junk food and foods from other countries as Favorites. Indonesia as a society we must know the typical foods Indonesia already world famous for it in this article we will discuss 10 Indonesian specialties which internationally, may add insight and all readers are becoming increasingly love the variety of culinary in Indonesia.

1. Gudeg

Special food of Yogyakarta has a delicious sweet flavor, with some combination of side dishes like eggs and chicken food rice gudeg be favorti many people not only in Indonesia but until it becomes a favorite of the world community. Processed food fruit this young nagka cooked with Palm sugar that makes the sweet taste tasty dominant cuisine of Yogyakarta, as we know most culinary outside the country is indeed a sweet taste with a dominant, this could be one reason why gudeg could become one of the popular foods in the world. Some restaurants abroad like in Australia provides indigenous Yogyakarta Indonesia of warm food

Not only that some manufacturers of warm cans in Indonesia have started to enter the international market with exports of warm cans to several countries. If it feels not so favored certainly exports will not last long, but the fact of warm indeed received abroad because of the delicious.

2. Meatball

One of the foods that are very easily we get in Indonesia even very many sellers can pass round the Meatballs in front of our House. Meatballs or commonly known by English meat ball (meat balls) are very popular in some countries. The food is made from beef or chicken with this mixture with the flour and gravy broth rich with local spices became one of the favorite foreign tourists while travelling in Indonesia.

One of the evidence that the meatballs into the famous food, that the former American President Barack Obama really like with this food, though indeed the fact President Obama lived in Indonesia, and left Indonesia and grew up in the United but the flavor of the meatballs are still a favorite of President Obama

3. Fried Rice

Other food specialties Indonesia world is fried rice, nasi goreng is also one of the favorite foods of the American President Barack Obama. Food is one of the foods that are easy to create, with ingredients that are easy to obtained this becomes one of the favorite food of many people in the world.

Culinary this one very easy to pair it with any side dishes, fish, chicken, beef, goat meat, mushrooms, eggs and more. Some five-star hotel outside the country have also been serving as their food menu.

3. Beef Rendang

Processed beef this one does indeed become the world's finest foods according to the CNN survey in the year 2011, rendang, also known as tervaforit food in the world. When it's not so hard to find beef rendang in various hotels and restaurants around the world.

It is not surprising if we see there are spices in rendang, cuisine cooked long enough it does using herbs and spices a choice menjadian the flavor of the beef rendang is different and very special. Let alone if the person who made him adept at processing dagiiing, cut it off from the start to cook it so gently and make the seasoning become pervasive will increasingly add to the pleasures and delights of rendang.

4. Broil

There are several variants of the sate in Indonesia and all variants of the sate has a delicious taste, it's no wonder if the sate could become one of the food already.

The food of this one also included one of the foods that are very easy to make, just need to cut the beef, chicken, goat or forming small pieces like dice, and ditusukan on a skewer which are typically made from bamboo then burned and given a brand of soy sauce. It is usually eaten with peanut sauce, and chili sauce and onions also that only in the thin-cut thin.

Satay menu now can be found in New York, the United States under the name of resto Satay Indonesia one of the restaurants serve food chicken satay as the favorite menu. Be one of the evidences that the food on this one already is global and not just a favorite in Indonesia only.

5. Tempe

One type of animal it is non side dish favorite food in Indonesia, there are a lot of refined tempe that could be found in Indonesia, whether it be a side dish for heavy foods, as well as being a snack such as tempe mendoan or fried tempe. Tempe with a very affordable price, often people consider tempe is a food that is not classy.

But the last few years it's indisputable, because now the world-because it's been processed tempe tempe became one of the favorite foods of Eduard Quad a chef from abroad. One of the tourists who visited in Indonesia William love tempe when he worked in Jakarta when it became a language teacher Ingrris.

Delicious flavors of idolized because tempe, William was also very enthusiastic to learn how to make tempe, even got a "course" to make tempe in several cities in Java island for several months.

After having enough knowledge in producing tempe, then William sell tempe in a market in the city of London, which ended up taking one of the favorite side dish at this worldwide Indonesia, since most of the population of London is derived from various countries so automatically tempe so internationally and favoured by many people around the world.

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