Colorful Peanuts Rocking Typical Minahasa

Buy gift shop in a city that we visit seems not to be separated from society's habit of Indonesia. Memories of going to relatives or close relatives at home is the reason why the gift shop becomes mandatory to take home every time they travel.

Colorful Peanuts Rocking Typical Minahasa
Colorful Peanuts Rocking Typical Minahasa

Similarly, while visiting the city of Manado, capital of North Sulawesi has a wide range of attractive gift to take home. One nut snack shake, this looks so interesting because of the shape and texture of the creature.

Diverse colors produced peanut rocking is produced from molten sugar that has been given a dye substance in order to attract buyers. Colors such as red, white, pink, became the dominant colour so we see in the packet of peanuts rocking.

The name peanut rocking himself according to Minahasa people resulting from the manufacturing process. Peanuts are still inside the skin and then roasted peanuts using sand then the digoyang-goyangkan. It is this process of bean mengoyang-goyang beans name rocking originated.

Peanut or nut, also known as skin is used for the base material of this cuisine. The difference is only the skin of the bean has been thrown then changed later coated with colorful sugar liquids.

Peanut rocking sweet and a little flavor has a somewhat bitter. Their texture, a little hard on the outside but when bitten will feel so soft. Once packed nuts this can make your mouth is reluctant to stop.

Peanut rocking regular dibandrol at a price of Rp 10,000 to Rp 25,000, all depending on the magnitude of the measure in the package. If you happen to visit Manado, nut shake can be a choice of fruit the right hands for the family or a close relative at home

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