Cultural diversity that exists in Indonesia make food that is produced more numerous and unique from each region. Not just how, but a matter of flavor culinary not have also asked Indonesia, guarantee tasty and almost certainly would make you addicted. But sometimes hard not hell create search restaurants that sell Indonesia with a culinary delicacy and distinctive? Well, now you would not create a difficult search because we were to love rekomendasinya the following:


1. Omah aftermath

Restaurants located in Bekasi this southern had a lot of special menu, ranging from ox-tail soup, Sop iga, until all are here for rawon With a taste that is guaranteed, as well as affordable price coupled with the atmosphere of the restaurant is really guaranteed Java you would taste linger – long here.

2. Papoea

For you who want cobain Papua specialties now not need much – far enough we wrote to the restaurant. Provides a variety of food specialties Indonesia Papua like East, terutapa and yellow gravy papeda, guaranteed this could be a new culinary experience for you. Here there is also a mandatory anyway Papua banget deh buat kamu coba.

3. Kitchen Boen

Indonesia food but contrived a la café? Why is baseball. With the feel of a very modern but still give priority to taste, it can make you addicted to the tablets. A matter of taste of course not need to doubt because it guaranteed delicious and typical really feels. Curious? Cobain game now.

4. Duck Omahan

There are restaurants in the area of West Jakarta sih jagonya duck. For you that Weve made a duck as a favorite food, ready-ready to create tries a variety of refined the duck feels so fitting when accompanied with sambal ijo. In closing, sop durian it feels can not be rejected when you eat here.

So wait, the game comes to the restaurant – restaurant above make cobain food – food specialties Indonesia which can make you makin the same love Indonesia. Don't forget to use Cashbac application I'll be free cashback promos can pay, so get the more often – often deh packed here.

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