Matoa, Sweet Fruit With Lots Of Benefits

This morning I had no breakfast and now my stomach began to hunger, but this morning the clock still pointing the figure 10. Suddenly I saw some mother selling fruits on the outskirts of the city of Jayapura. See them, my stomach churned, and I thought back, I had to buy it. When I stopped by the fruit stall, I pause looking fruit that is sold. The round shape is oblong with red-coloured hard skin blackish. The fruit of this feels foreign to me, until the seller tells that this fruit called Matoa.

Matoa, Sweet Fruit With Lots Of Benefits
Matoa, Sweet Fruit With Lots Of Benefits

Excerpts from a diary entry above will initiate a discussion of Matoa, uniquely fruity Papua. Matoa fruit is the fruit of a plant typical of Indonesia, particularly the region of eastern Indonesia, such as Papua and the Maluku islands. This sweet fruit born from plants rooted tree-shaped, riding with an elevation of 20-40 meters in diameter and maximum reach 100 centimeters. Matoa trees named latin Pinnata pinnata own flowered once in a year, namely between July to October with the mature around 4 months. This plant grows well in all regions, either low or high plains, that surely is the Matoa tropical plants that live in areas with high rainfall.

Papua has two types of Matoa, namely Matoa coconut and Matoa Papeda. The thing that distinguishes both types it is the texture of the fruit, fruit chewy Coconut Matoa on and solid such as rambutan in aceh, while the Matoa Papeda has the texture of a fruit is fleshy more sticky and soggy. At a glance, looked like the Matoa fruit Areca Nut who have hard skin is green, red, and black, as well as a round-shaped oval with a length of about 5-6 centimeters. But in terms of taste, the sweet taste and Matoa had scented like a blend of rambutan, lychee and kelengkeng.

In addition to having a delicious flavor, fruit Matoa also have significant efficacy. Vitamin C in fruit was able to increase the durability of a weak body and function to improve cancer preventive antioxidant. In addition, the Matoa also contains vitamin E which is useful as a stress-busting, enhance fertility, and minimize the risk of the exposed heart disease. However, the content of glucose in fruit Matoa is also quite high, so the Matoa consumption in large quantities can cause dizziness and drunk.

There are indeed many Matoa fruit in eastern Indonesia, but actually this fruit is widespread in all regions of Indonesia. In the region of North Sumatra, the Matoa Pakam, in Minangkabau known as/Langsek, in West Java, known as Leungsir, and in Java called Wooden cow. Matoa is native to Indonesia and is perfect for plants greening. Matoa is highly recommended because it can be grown in any terrain and have roots as well as the strong base of the stem. In addition, it turns out the Matoa also has resistance to any kind of insect.

My stomach has now been filled and pretty full to survive until lunch time. This fruit is sweet and delicious it turned out. Though a bit expensive, but the price is comparable to a privileged, Rp 40,000 per kilo. Now I know that there is a unique fruit typical of Papuan named Matoa.

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