Padang's Spicy Shrimp Sauce

Typical dishes of this Pasture, we often find in Restaurants, look attractive and delicious taste make us interested in continuing to sample the cuisine. For those of you mothers who want to diversify the menu to fine dining cuisine, this family could be one of the alternative options. The following ingredients and how to make it.

Padang's Spicy Shrimp Sauce
Padang's Spicy Shrimp Sauce

The ingredients of the ingredients of the recipe of spicy shrimp sauce Padang

* Main material used is 750 grams of shrimp that's been washed clean and dumped dirt in it.
Clean water is cooked more or less as much as 150 ml.
* Localized onion medium-size large as much as 5 pcs. His skin peeled and cut into small little to spice tumisannya.
* Large medium-size garlic more or less as much as 3 pcs. Peel also Peel and cut into small little to stir fried.
* Medium size red Tomatoes 1 pcs. Wash and cut into thin thin.
* Large size medium onions as much as half of the pcs. Peel and cut thin thin too.
* Ginger good quality peeled approximately 2 cm.
* Cayenne pepper as much as 3 pcs
* A nice big red chili as much as 5 pcs.
* Chilli sauce or tomato sauce 2 Tablespoons (create a hobby not spicy foods, tomato sauces should use only).
* Cornmeal to taste (more or less 1-3 tablespoons).
* Oyster sauce approximately 4 tablespoons.
* Fine powder or Pepper as much as one small scoop.
* Margarine sparingly for sauteing.
* Scallion already washed clean approximately 1 rods. Small little pieces for garnish.
* Iodized Salt and white granulated sugar to taste.

How To Make Shrimp Sauce Recipe Is A Tasty Desert

* Once the shrimp are cleansed, prepare a pot of stew and put shrimp into it. Boil shrimp until cooked.

Prepare a frying pan and includes margarine sparingly for sauteing. Stir in shallots, onions and white onions. Stir stir briefly until fragrant smell.

* Enter the great tomato, red chili, ginger and some pcs chili rawitnya. Stir briefly over medium heat.

* Then pour the tomato sauce or the traditional sauce and oyster sauce as much as approximately 4 tablespoons. Stir to blend well with other seasonings.

* Enter pepper-salt and sand cave, refined iodized to taste. Toss lightly until well blended saduk and taste a little. If less, added salt, pepper or sugar sand.

* Enter 150 ml of water to them.

* Take a little cornstarch and mix into the skillet. Stir sebenatr until somewhat thick.

Enter the already boiled shrimp to cook in a wok. Stir to blend well until all ingredients are well blended. Stir again briefly to seep into the meat seasoning shrimp tomato sauce padang.

* After the seasoning infuse dishes, pick up last and ready to be served.

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