Savory, crunchy Crackers Amplang Fish typical of Borneo

Stop at Balikpapan, Samarinda is not complete or does it feel like if you don't bring home fruit a hand on this one. Amplang name. A type of crackers with flavors and scents of the typical fish. Snacks This savory tastes as though it has become compulsory for the traveller's visit to East Kalimantan.

Savory, crunchy Crackers Amplang Fish typical of Borneo
Savory, crunchy Crackers Amplang Fish typical of Borneo

Amplang made of fish meat finely milled flour mixture with Sago. The fish used is the mackerel fish, Cork (haruan), belida (flat fish). Each type of fish has its own idiosyncrasies. The types of fish that are considered the best fish belida because of a more savory tasty and soft meat texture when frying.

The process of making this cracker is relatively simple, but different touch of each Maker creates the uniqueness of each manufacturer. The first step, the fish that had been cleaned from the scales and spines, beaten until smooth. Meat that has been refined salt, spices, and water until blended. Then, put the flour and sago diuleni to kalis. The dough is then boiled or steamed for approximately one hour, and then dried in order to produce a good time amplang fried.

The next step is cutting and frying amplang. The dough is still a big BLOB-shaped last thinly sliced, then cut lengthwise or dice with a thickness of about 0.5-1 centimeter. These pieces fried in hot oil until fluffy and yellow tanned. Once drained, amplang can be stored in a sealed container to keep it crisp and durable.

Over time, each manufacturer has its own way in innovating with products amplang. In between there is a repackaged amplang in plastic foil that makes it look more elegant. There is also the added flavor artificially like chicken barbecues, onion, black pepper, as well as the other flavors. Any kind of innovation, crackers is indeed worthy of being a great favorite for colleagues and relatives at hometown

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